Tuscan Traveler’s Tales – Common Man Walks Off The Bridge Again

Clet Abraham’s street art is frequently shown by the alteration of common street signs throughout Florence. But his anarchic acts don’t stop with a few signs (remember, he put the nose on the Tower of San Niccolò). In a town mired in a 500-year-old artistic patrimony, Clet continues to bemuse residents and visitors alike. Now the Common Man is back on Ponte alle Grazie.

One night last week, Clet and a couple of friends re-installed Common Man, a life-size black fiberglass statue, without permission, on Ponte alle Grazie, so that once again he is walking off into the future over … Read More

TuscanTraveler’s Tales – Clet, Again!

I am an unabashed Clet Abraham fan. His street sign art and Common Man statues are a poke in the ribs of the all-too-serious art establishment and other red-tape loving bureaucrats of Florence.

photo by Francesca Boni

For his latest venture – giving the Oltrarno San Niccolò Tower a nose – Clet was not able to thumb his nose at City Hall and was forced to get some sort of permit. Maybe a tower climbing permit. Maybe a “Art Created After 1600” permit.

photo by Ann Reavis

It took more than two months for all the pages to be assembled, the appropriate stamps applied, and, probably, fees paid; … Read More