Italian Food Rules – No Cheese on Fish

Except for ordering a cappuccino or a caffellatte after your dinner, nothing is more likely to raise the ire of your Italian waiter than to ask for some grated parmesan to go on your spaghetti alle vongole or pasta al baccala’.

So, as you drive down Interstate 5 munching on your Filet o’ Fish with extra cheese, remember the Italian Food Rule: No Cheese On Fish.

The reasons for the rule are: logic, location, and tradition. But can there be change on the horizon?


Except for salt cod (baccala’), canned tuna, cured sardines and anchovies … Read More

Tuscan Traveler’s Tales – Quake Devastates Italian Cheese Production

Italy was recently reminded that the entire spine of the country is one long fault line, subject to major earthquakes at any time. But it was still surprising that the area north of Bologna was hit so hard. The last major quake in the area occurred in the 14th century.

The earthquake that struck northern Italy in the early hours of Sunday morning killed seven people and injured scores of others (mostly those on the night shift) and left scenes of heart-breaking devastation of historic buildings. Even a week later, aftershocks were disrupting the cleanup efforts.

But one of … Read More