Welcome to TuscanTraveler.com!

Welcome to the NEW TuscanTraveler.com!  After seven years of constant transition, trying on many hats for size, TuscanTraveler has evolved into a site where you will find:

Traveler’s Tales – stories, travel and destination articles, interviews, and more

Mangia! Mangia! – writing focused on Italian food, recipes and places to eat

Dove Vai? – Short mentions of sights to see, shops to visit and places to stay

Burnt to a Crisp – Observations on the absurdities encountered under the Tuscan sun

For those who love Italy and can’t wait for their next visit or those who dream of Italy and are planning their first tour, TuscanTraveler.com will be an informative, funny and enjoyable site to visit on a weekly basis.

Where is the OLD Tuscan Traveler?

For those looking for the Tuscan Traveler, who conducted special walking tours of Florence and showed people the hidden sights along the back roads of Tuscany, please see a really NEW site called Friend In Florence where custom guided tours and special self-guided tour packets are described and offered.

Thanks to Pauline Kenny

Tuscan Traveler wishes to thank Pauline Kenny for all of her help in the design and launching of the NEW TuscanTraveler.com and Friend in Florence. These two sites would not have been possible without her.  Pauline, founder of SlowTrav.com, is currently working on two new websites: Cotswolder, a travel guide for the Cotswolds in England and Slow Europe, a guide to vacation rentals in Europe (launching October 2008).

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