Five years seems to be my attention span for any career. I’ve been a lawyer, a nurse, a presidential appointee in a federal agency, a tour guide and a freelance writer. I’ve lived in New Mexico, Texas, California (San Francisco Bay Area), Michigan and Washington, DC.

For the last ten years I have been traveling to and from Florence, Italy.


Each week on TuscanTraveler.com I will post a longish article, TuscanTraveler’s Tale, a short piece about food, Mangia! Mangia!, a short destination article, Dove Vai?, and a commentary, Burnt to a Crisp. I welcome comments, email and corrections.

You can find me on: Facebook and Twitter.

Freelance Writing

I have been published in Travelers’ Tales: Tuscany, Salon.com, The Florentine, Slowtrav.com, Fodor’s Travel Guides, Dream of Italy, Fiberarts, and elsewhere.

I welcome freelance assignments. Please send me an email about any opportunities to the address on the Contact Me page.


I reserve the right to refuse or delete comments left on this site for any reason.

Content and Copyright

All commentary and content on this site is solely my writing and from my viewpoint, unless otherwise noted. The photographs are also my work, unless otherwise indicated. Please feel free to link to my posts, but my content and photographs are not available for re-posting without written permission.

Dante & Guido
Dante & Guido